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|REAL-NAME= Frankie Onuonga
|HOME= NBI , KENYA (at the moment)
|image= FrankieOnuonga.jpg
|birthday= 05.05.1988
|FAS-NAME= Onuonga
|gpg= 7DB543E6
|homepage= none but check out all my other social media pages
|blog= something I have not even started doing but will get to it soon
||irc-nick= frankieonuonga
|irc-channels=#fedora-admin #gnu-dev #fedora-meeting

== About Me ==
My name is Frankie Onuonga.(AKA: THE CHEF)
I am a student currently undertaking my bachelor's in computer science and mathematics.
I have been using Linux for approximately 7 years now going and coming back from time to time.
I have finally decided to get a machine to dedicate to Linux development.
I now have something small that I have put fedora Linux on and customizing it to suit my needs.
I am also a package maintainer on GNU for quickthreads which is a thread management library.
More information can be found on my slides and code on my github page.
I am not contributing back to the community through some code and hopefully will be able to get others onto the fun fair.
I am now part of the fedora infrastructure team.
I am giving in two hours every day to commit code among other things.
== Other Contacts ==
* '''MSN''': (rarely used, you can guess why)
* '''Skype''': frankie.onuonga
* '''GPG key''': [2013-07-18 [expires: 2013-11-15]  7DB543E6]
* '''Mobile Phone''': +254788348198
* '''Google''':Frankie.Onuonga
* '''IRC''':Frankieonuonga
== Activities within Fedora ==

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