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=== Other work done ===
=== Other work done ===
* [ Fedora LinuxTag/FUDCon/F9]  [[Marketing/PressReleases|Press Release]]  
* [ Fedora LinuxTag/FUDCon/F9]  [[Fedora press archive|Press Release]]  

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Sandro "red" Mathys

I'm trying to keep my page up to date and include every bit that is interesting to others. Drop me a line if you have suggestions on how I could improve it. Also, I'm aware that my English skills are far from perfect - you are very welcome to help me if there's something wrong.

About myself

  • Name: Sandro Mathys
  • Nickname: red_alert or simply red
  • Location: Bern , Switzerland
  • Time zone: CET (UTC +01:00) and CEST (UTC +02:00) during summers.
  • Year of birth: 1985
  • Languages: English and (Swiss-)German
  • Education:
    • Graduate Engineer in Enterprise Computing
  • Profession: (Red Hat Enterprise) Linux Engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland


  • Email:
  • GPG key: 580554550E6516E8
  • IRC: red_alert on freenode (e.g. #fedora-de, #fedora-mktg, #fedora-ambassadors). Feel free to query me without asking first. I might be AFK though.
  • Jabber: (no e-mails!)
  • Skype: red_alert (no calls without approval!)
  • Blog:

Fedora and I

I started to get in touch with Linux back in 1999 and started to really use it about one year later. While I got my first experience with Suse 6.0, I soon tried several other distributions. Among all tested, I really loved red hat linux 6.2. It took me another year to finally make the change from Microsoft Windows to (Red Hat) Linux - still in dual boot, though. With the release of Red Hat Linux 7.3 I got rid of the Windows Partition and since then I'm using nothing but Red Hat Linux and later on Fedora on my own workstations as well as my own servers. I never stopped to have a look at new distributions or new releases of existing distributions - but there's never been one I even only liked half as much as Fedora (and Kubuntu being the only other distribution I could imagine to use on a workstation for myself). Since 2007 I'm an active contributor in the Fedora Project.

KDE and I

When I first used a Linux Distribution - as portrayed above - it had a KDE desktop. At that time, KDE was pretty ugly - even Windows 98 was more beautiful. Anyway, I didn't know many others and everthing else looked even worse. I admit, that was one reason that kept me using Windows. But the different window managers and desktop environments have evolved, luckily. I still use KDE as of today. Maybe it's just because I got used to it over the years, but I think it fits me best. I'm looking forward to KDE 4 for ages already, btw ;)

Gnome is nice as well, but in my very humble opinion it's not as user friendly as KDE. Of course anyone else could very well feel different about that point.

I also like XFCE4 (actually it's the one I use if KDE is a overkill) but it doesn't have the features (I feel) I need for my daily business. Of course I can't really blame XFCE4 for this since being quite small and only having the important features is the goal of this project.

Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassador for Switzerland, DACH and EMEA
  • Package Maintainer of several small, unimportant packages
  • Fedora Marketing, helping with press releases within DACH and improving communication with Red Hat's Marketing in EMEA.
  • Founder and administrator/moderator of the Fedora Project Group on XING
  • Trying to give as much support as possible (over IRC and offline)
  • Spread the word about Fedora
  • Get some feedback about Fedora


List of events I attended or plan to attend in future.

Future events

Passed events

Other work done