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|REAL-NAME= Rosnel (Ross) Echevarria
|HOME= Broward, FL
|image= self.jpg
|FAS-NAME= reher
||irc-nick= reher
|irc-channels=#fedora #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-qa #fedora-devel

== About ==
My name is Ross. I love empowering users and helping others overcome their technology challenges. I work as Director of IT for a Retail organization where I get to lead a great team of professionals and research, implement, and support an array of different technologies. I hold certifications in the Linux, networking, PCI, and virtualization fields. I am passionate about free software and spreading the word about its benefits.
== Fedora ==
I first used Fedora Core 1 (or was it 2?) back in college. We had a large number of IBM desktops in the lab and could not get X to start under another distribution. Looking for an alternative, we came across Fedora. Fast forward to today. I currently use Fedora 30 as my daily driver. I have used and supported a number of other distributions and operating systems, but Fedora best aligns with my needs and philosophy.
I am currently a Fedora Regional Ambassador (East) for the North America region. My first event representing Fedora was SELF 2017. It was great meeting other friends in person, spreading the word about the project, and interacting with new and long-time users of our distribution. SELF 2018 was an equal blast!
I am also a member of the QA and Translation teams, although I am currently learning the ropes in those areas.
Fun times ahead!
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