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|github      = renich
|github      = renich
|gitlab      = renich
|gitlab      = renich
|gpg          = 7ACF968754E3757DBC8434C2B126EF8E4FDA9713
|gpg          = B126EF8E4FDA9713
|    = renich
|    = renich
|linkedin    = renich
|linkedin    = renich

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Rene Bon Ćirić
Personal information
Location: Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, Jalisco, México
Birthday: 1981-02-07

GPG key: B126EF8E4FDA9713
Contact information renich
Twitter: renich
Telegram: renich
LinkedIn: renich
GitHub: renich
GitLab: renich

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: renich
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

Renich Bon Ciric

I'm a bit crazy and out of the ordinary. I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 1. I like the Fedoran Community very much since it's well organized and very functional. I resonate, very much, with Fedora's Philosophy; embraced in:

I see the FOSS community as a social movement without precedent; I am overwhelmed by how much, the Community's conduct, has changed my view of things and my behavior in the "real world". I'm a proud Fedoran and FOSS user.

I collaborate with LinuxCabal here; in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

I also have my Creative Commons band: introbella.

Activities within Fedora

I, sometimes, join the #fedora channel; on Freenode, to help out. I do different activities like maintain the Unofficial Fedora Search, promote Fedora on small businesses, schools and within my family and friends, attend to LinuxCabal meetings and help out with different things there like: tech talks, fund raising, event organization, etc.


I also report bugs now and then and am trying to become a maintainer of a few packages.


I'm, trying to add some HowTo's to the wiki: HowTo's


I'm developing a course too:


I am, currently, working on some packaging projects. For a list, go here:

Area of Interest

  • Music
  • PHP, Ruby, Python and C/C++ programming
  • Systems Administration
  • Security
  • Development


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