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Bacula basic configuration


Bacula is an enterprise-grade backup utility. This HowTo explains how to set up bacula on Fedora while respecting Fedora's configuration way.

Applicable to Fedora Versions

  • Fedora 12


Bacula supports a few database backends, so, you will need to choose one. On this document, I will choose the mysql backend. Clients do not need a database backend.

Also, you will need to decide which console(s) you want and configure them. I will choose the commandline console.

One more thing, storage, database and director could be distributed but, in this case, everything will be managed on the same server.

Server requirements

  • bacula-common
  • bacula-console
  • bacula-director-common
  • bacula-director-mysql
  • bacula-sysconfdir
  • bacula-storage-common
  • bacula-storage-mysql

Client's requirements

  • bacula-client

Doing the Work

Configuring the server

Configuring the clients


How to test

Common problems and fixes

More Information


I haven't had the opportunity to test this HowTo since I lack of a networked PC to do it, so you may run into problems, if you do, come to #fedora on or leave me messages so I know what's up. Feel free to propose changes and stuff.

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