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DotNet Special Interest Group

The DotNet SIG is a group of Fedora contributors that maintain dotnet (and related) packages in Fedora.


The goal of this group is to help to anyone interested in dotnet and to support others in creating and maintaining dotnet packages.


#fedora-dotnet channel on Freenode IRC

[1] mailing list //TODO

pagure - issue tracking


Joining the SIG

Should you wish to join the dotnet team, send self-introduction to our mailing list, join our IRC channel (#fedora-dotnet) When that's done, apply for the FAS group, and once you're accepted you should add yourself to the list of members on this page. Continue reading for more details! //TODO add links


  • Are you new to contributing to Fedora? If so, tell us why are you interested in contributing to Fedora or what interests you about the Project.
  • Already a contributor? Share what other areas of Fedora you are working in and your role in the Project.
  • What's your background and experience with dotnet?
  • How can we can help YOU get started?

Join the FAS group

Edit the Wiki

  • Create your own user page if you don't have one yet.
  • Add yourself to the list of members on this page.
Use Fedora Account System to login and edit the wiki.
If you are a new FAS member, you may not be able to edit wiki pages until you are CLA+1. If you are unable to edit wiki pages, please do this step after joining a group. (More info)
Use any of the Infobox or Infobox2 templates to record your essential Fedora info.


Get dotnet for Fedora

.NET Core API Reference

dotnet github