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Richard Hughes

I'm now working full time for a UK defence company. I'm the creator of gnome-power-manager and PackageKit, and I also contribute to HAL and pm-utils. I do OSS stuff in my free time, although last year I did a summer internship for Red Hat after I finished my Masters degree in electronics. One day I'll come back to work in free software, but military electronics is where I'm at right now.

More information on my homepage .


  • Email: [[MailTo(richard AT hughsie DOT com)]
  • IRC: hughsie on #hal or #PackageKit (freenode), and in #fedora-desktop (GIMPnet).
  • GPG key: Email me if you need this.
  • Fedora Account: hughsient

Activities within Fedora

  • Power management has be more integrated with the desktop. This is an upstream thing and is naturally happening over time as more programs are using the gnome-screensaver and gnome-power-manager DBUS interfaces.
  • Package management has to improve in Fedora to be competitive with Ubuntu. IMO package management user interaction sucks right now. See for ideas on how I'm trying to fix this.