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Santosh K Chandradass

I'm a Graduate AME Student at the University of Oklahoma, with varied interests in computing. I've been coding for almost 10 years now and have participated in a few Open Source Projects like IBM India Open Source Initiative and The Great Minds Challenge, India. I'm a Fedora Ambassador for Oklahoma and Bangalore, India.

I primarily use Fedora for Scientific Computing and Computational Flow Analysis.

I've been with Fedora since FC 2 and have never been comfortable with any other distribution.

Awards & Honors

  • Who's Who among American Universities and College Students 2009.
  • Best Student Award 2006, Indian Society for Technical Education NHCE Students Chapter.

Fedora Project Involvement

  • Coordinator Fedora for FreeMedia - India Program (August - September 2006)

Open Source Projects

  • Factories and Boilers Management System, IBM Invite Open Source Initiative 2006

Personal Projects

  • I'm done with working on the Graduate Applicant Mentor System, its accessible at Gradmentor . Still got lots to work on it. The next Version nick named "Conqueror" is Scheduled very soon launch. Expect loads of content in it.
  • Working on a Scientific Manuscript Publishing System
  • Designed and developed the scripts for (now defunct)
  • Designed and developed the scripts for (now defunct)
  • Will soon start working on a Music portal (Hope to make the scripts open source)

Contact Me




  • +1 (842) 451 0168


  • +1 (563) 405 7646

Mailing Address

PO Box 2782 Norman, Oklahoma 73070



to import my key:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0x43F94552

to refresh existing keys:

$ gpg --keyserver --refresh-keys

to sign and encrypt a file with ASCII armored output for a recipient

$ gpg -sea -r file