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Thomas Gilliard

Bend Oregon USA
Retired and a Volunteer for

Education and work

BA Geology Franklin and Marshall College
MS Geological Oceanography- University of Hawaii - Hawaii Institute of Geophysics (Manoa)
Also installed Satellite Networking Antennas and electronics in State of Hawaii for HNS (Hughes Network Systems) -

Computers Available for Testing

  1. MacBookProi7 (OSX)
  2. Penguin Libre GNU/Linux Notebook (Trisquel 5.5)
  3. Acer Aspire ONE N450 (no hard disk installed) for USB testing
  4. XO-1 G1G1 Version
  5. XO-1.5 (loaned from OLPC for testing software)
  6. TrimSlicePro with solid state HD that I am currently testing.
  7. TrimSlice h with HD (on order)

Volunteer Work

  • My main work is in testing and annotating wiki pages for sugarlabs: Is my current Project Page on the wiki.
(This includes tutorials consisting of annotated screenshots to introduce sugar features to new users.)
Keeping track and test all of the OS's that run Sugar-Desktop
Writing Virtual Box Importable Appliances for users to use to run sugar-desktop
Testing SoaS Spin in fedora
  • I have Helped test f17 with #fedora-qa; particularly writing of USB versions of Desktop; Soas; and DVD (Bios boot and EFI boot on a MacbookPro i7)