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In progress. Any help appreciated.
This is a start page for a detailed Websites team presentation. You can edit freely.

The Plan

The idea is to detailed any side of the Websites Team. That would be used to fill The wiki page for incommers, but also to construct some slideshow.

Slideshow framework

Once started, we are going to move quickly to the framework chosen. We will code on a personnal git repo but publicly available (like gitorious).

We could use which is simple fast but efficient. (or at least appears to be).

Who we are

What we do/maitain

The websites arch (build, dev and trans)

Our build system

Our websites are rebuilt hourly. This is done using the syncStatic script which is puppet managed. In other words, you need to be on the infra team to change it. Put a sample script here. This is where we decide against which branch we build each websites. There is also a specific syncStatic.stg script for the staging websites. Example of stg websites are and

For release time, please refere to our specific documentation there.


insert graph here


There is a specific folder for each websites under which you will find the following tree:

   |   |-- build
   |   |-- ChangeLog
   |   |-- data
   |   |-- httpd
   |   |-- Makefile
   |   |-- po
   |   -- static
   -- TODO

<explain every folder here>


Genshi markup <explain the syntax here>


All POs are download hourly. Any error should be reported to our tracking system. <explain all l10n related stuff here>

The Hot (comming) New Websites Arch

How to join/help