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= Shambo Bose =
Hi, I have just completed my graduation in commerce stream. I have a MCTS Certificate in SQL Server 2005 and I am also a RHCE. I am also planning to do OCA as DBA on Linux/Unix platform. Fedora Core 3 was my first Linux experience on my first computer which I got from “Think Digit” DVD. The most astonishing feature of Fedora that impressed me was the combination of tradition and innovation in its every version. From those days I was eager to join Fedora Project. My dream was /is to make both OS and Fedora synonymous.  As a contributor I want to spread the free spirit of Fedora around the globe thereby making this project a success. I am looking forward to play a small but significant role in Fedora Project and also in other related open source projects. 
'''''“Spread the VOICE and share the FREEDOM to the power INFINITY”'''''
Feel free to contact me at the following addresses .
'''IRC'''    :  shambo
'''Dial'''  :  +919831734716
33 , Ramkrishna Park
Kolkata : 700153
West Bengal
'''Activities within Fedora''' :
* Contributing in the Fedora Ambassador Project.
* Contributing and working as Fedora Distributor.
''Interested to join further Fedora Projects in future.''
Always at your service  --[[User:Shambo|Shambo]] 18:46, 10 September 2008 (UTC)
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