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* Bug reporter
* Bug reporter
[[Category:Ambassadors from Russian Federation]] [[Category:LocalizationRussian]] [[Category:RussianFedora]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from Russian Federation]] [[Category:LocalizationRussian]] [[Category:RussianFedora]] [[Category:Страницы на русском]]

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Misha Shnurapet

Hello! I live, work and study in Russian Federation.


  • Email: zayzayats AT yandex DOT ru
  • IRC: shnurapet on freenode
  • GPG key: 8EDA A857 37C2 CDEB 817B 6BF6 D7FF 3578 4ACC A21B
  • Fedora Account: shnurapet

Activities within Fedora

  • Native Russian translator
  • Ambassador from Russian Federation
  • Bug reporter