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* '''FAS Name''': shnurapet
* '''FAS Name''': shnurapet
* '''Email''': misha AT
* '''Email''': misha AT
* '''GPG Key ID''': C67E7FEA
* '''GPG Fingerprint''': 6834 C9C9 3DDC CCF9 7DE0  2BCA 66E7 CAA0 C67E 7FEA
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==

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Misha Shnurapet

I support projects that drive innovation, and technology that is enjoyable, easy and adaptable. I enjoy working on software that manifests a new approach, demonstrates a fine solution, or is an interesting experiment.

A picture taken at the Earth Hour 2011 in Romania by Nicu Buculei



  • Languages: English, Русский, Español, Italiano
  • FAS Name: shnurapet
  • Email: misha AT

Activities within Fedora



  • Russian translations coordinator
  • Native Russian translator currently involved in:
    • ABRT
    • Anaconda
    • PackageKit
    • Shotwell
    • Yum
    • Docs
    • Websites

Design Team

Ideas and feedback. :)

Other activities outside Fedora

Member of The GNOME Foundation. I've been translating and proof-reading for the GNOME Project and as a member of the Russian Ubuntu Translators team. I have mostly been interested in Banshee and Deluge, two great products for GNU/Linux, OS X and Windows.

I translate for Android. The vast acceptance of the BitTorrent client tTorrent among Russian users is due to its Russian translation.