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Misha Shnurapet

Living in a Siberian city near the Lake Baykal. Find it on the map: it's quite big and moon-shaped — right there, in the Middle Asia! :) — I love it for its crystal water, wide air and evergreen pine trees. A great place to free your mind and cleanse your soul. James Cameron came here in August 2010 to celebrate his 50th jubilee. :) He came down to bottom and then went to drink vodka at a local camp. :D Personal freedom is what I value the most, and everything beautiful and creative is my big interest. And I looove to have a great laugh! :D I'm interested a lot in other people and cultures, it's awesome to find that we all have much in common. And friendship is far beyond a language.

A conjoined 3-person yeti costume by Sarah Moli Newton Applebaum, definitely an amazing craftwork :)


  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Irkutsk (Russia, GMT+8)
  • Language: Russian, English, Polish


  • FSA/FLEX Foreign Exchange (Mount Ayr, IA)


  • Email: shnurapet AT
  • IRC: shnurapet on Freenode
  • Fedora Account: shnurapet
  • GPG key: 0EDF 0979 12D4 6280 AC7B B232 DB15 3DF7 0021 7306

Activities within Fedora


Fedora 13 Test Day:2010-04-13 Nouveau


  • Russian translation team coordinator
  • Native Russian translator currently involved in:
    • ABRT
    • Yum
    • RPM
    • Websites
    • Docs project
      • Release Notes

Design Team

Ideas and feedback. :)

Other activities outside Fedora

  • The GNOME Project translation team (Russian | Polish)
  • Banshee translation participant