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Misha Shnurapet

A conjoined 3-person yeti costume, definitely an amazing craftwork :)


  • Location: Irkutsk (Russia, GMT+8)
  • Language: Russian, English, Polish


  • FSA/FLEX Foreign Exchange (Mount Ayr, IA)


  • Email: shnurapet AT fedoraproject DOT org | zayzayats AT yandex DOT ru
  • IRC: shnurapet on Freenode
  • Fedora Account: shnurapet
  • GPG key: 0EDF 0979 12D4 6280 AC7B B232 DB15 3DF7 0021 7306

Activities within Fedora


Fedora 13 Test Day:2010-04-13 Nouveau


Native Russian translator currently involved in:

  • ABRT
  • Yum
  • RPM (coordinator)
  • Websites
  • Docs project
    • Release Notes

Fedora images

I have been recently sharing the images I created for my personal use:

The only difference from the official release is that they include the updates available in the official repositories as of 6 months since the initial release.

The image directory can be referred to as

Other activities outside Fedora

  • The GNOME Project translation team (Russian | Polish)
  • Banshee translation participant