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This is to verify that Anaconda and Gnome Initial Setup (or Firstboot) behave correctly when the user creates a mountpoint inside the future $HOME directory.


  1. Burn the Live.iso image to an optical disk, unless testing on a VM.

How to test

  1. Boot the system from the prepared optical media.
  2. In the boot menu select the appropriate option to boot the installer.
  3. Run the installer, select custom partitioning, create a default layout plus an additional partition with mountpoint /home/$username/data where $username is the name of the future username
  4. Continue the installation, create a user called $username

Expected Results

  1. The user can login with the newly created account
  2. $HOME is owned by the user
  3. /etc/skel files are correctly copied into $HOME
  4. /etc/skel files have correct permissions
  5. $HOME/data is owned by the user, but the permissions of the files inside $HOME/data remain unchanged