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|REAL-NAME= Danishka Navin
|birthday= 10th January
|HOME= Sri Lanka
|image= Danishka-Navin.jpg
|FAS-NAME= snavin
|gpg= A7064AD2
|twitter= danishkanavin
| danishka
|irc-nick= hanthana
|irc-channels= #fedora #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-l10n #hanthana
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= Danishka Navin =
Danishka Navin is based in Sri Lanka and is a Systems Engineer by profession and he do public speaking, community building/development and conducting awareness of Free and Open Source Software.
In 2009 he found the [ Hanthana Linux Project], a Fedora remix. It has been deployed in several government schools locally and download over [ 50,000 copies globally]. The Hanthana Linux Project let local community to contribute back to global FOSS movement under Hanthana Linux Project. Several school students, teachers, university students and other users started contributing by spreading word, finding bugs, compiling documentation. Some of them have been filled bugs/issues against the upstream project (such as Fedora, LibreOffice, etc) after knowing the proper bug filling mechanism.
In addition to Fedora, Danishka is working on several FOSS communities such as Mozilla, LibreOffice, Gnome, KDE, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project and Sugarlabs Foundation.
Moreover he is working on deploying school ICT labs in financially deprecated schools, under [ Hanthana School Labs Project].
== Fedora Contribution ==
* Package Maintainer - [ packages maintain]
* Fedora SIG Member - working for the Fedora Education Spin
** Fedora Education Spin
** Fedora Spin SIG
* Localization - Fedora Sinhala Language Coordinator
* Fedora [[Ambassadors]] for Sri Lanka
* Program Coordinator: Fedora Free-Media project Sri Lanka
== Other FOSS Activities/Contributions ==
* Sugar/OLPC -  Localizer
* LibreOffice - Localization, Marketing
* Coordinator KDE Sinhala Localization Project
* Gnome Translation Project (GTP)
* Localized Debain Installer
== Project ==
=== Hanthana Linux School Labs Project ===
Hanthana Linux School Labs project is another initiative to deploy FOSS driven school ICT labs in rural areas. These labs are deployed with the help of community.
[ Watch this documentary on first pilot project ] [with English subtitles]
== Press ==
=== TV Programs ===
* [ Live interview on Channel Eye (National English TV Channel) under Rise N Shine morning show]
* [ Hanthana Linux release on SirasaTV news]  on 20th September 2009
=== News Paper Articles ===
* [ 'Open source opening doors to IT']  - Sunday Times
* [ 'Reconstructing Sri Lanka’s education system with ‘Hanthana’'] - DailyFT article
== Certifications ==
* Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Storage
* Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening
* Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack
* Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator - (RHCVA)
* Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) - RHEL6
* Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA) - RHEL6
* AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
== Public Profile ==
* LinkedIn: [http://]
* Blog:    []
* Twitter: [ @danishkanavin]
* Flickr: [ Danishka Navin]
* FaceBook: [ Danishka Navin]
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