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|REAL-NAME= Sascha Thomas Spreitzer
|HOME= Forstern, Germany and Basel, Switzerland
|image= sspreitzer.jpg
|FAS-NAME= sspreitzer
|gpg= 8BA2E4E6
||irc-nick= sspreitzer
|irc-channels=#fedora #fedora-admin #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-africa #fedora-de
== /me ==
My name is Sascha Thomas Spreitzer and I live in the east of Munich\Bavaria\Germany and in Basel\Switzerland.
I have several hobbies and Unix is one of them. <BR>
"By choosing to work with and for the Fedora community, I chose to impact the world."
* Student of Shotokan Karate Do and Zen Buddhism
** Warriors oath to protect the weak
* Evangelist and Fighter of OpenSource philosophies to comply on OpenSource communities
** "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach a man to fish and feed him for a life."
* Fedora Ambassador
* Author for the Linux Magazine
* Member of the Linux Foundation
* Fedora Infrastructure Group
* Centos Development, s390x build
* [ pam_url] development
* [ serpent] development
* CAcert WoT assurer
== Fedora Project ==
A list of responsibilities and milestones of my work with the Fedora Project
* EMEA media production [ Media-bit.pdf]
* EMEA Africa region
* EMEA Ambassador
* SIG Infrastructure contributor
== Profession ==
* Contracted to [ IBM Switzerland] until 31.12.2010.
My skills and experiences are located in these areas:
* RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
* IBM AIX certified system administrator
* IBM pSeries administrator
* high availability expert (Redhat-,Sun-,AIX- Cluster)
* Network Installation Management and OS deployment (IBM NIM, RedHat Kickstart, cfengine)
* zVM and zLinux Engineer, pushing the old iron to new grounds
== Events ==
Here is a list of events I attended or will attend as part of being a Fedora Ambassador or as part of other community work.
* [ FrOSCamp 2010] September 2010
* [ OpenExpo 2010] April 2010
* [ FOSDEM 2010] Feb 2010
* [ CaCert Assurer Event Training] May 2009
== Recruitings ==
* [[User:dbandin|Diego Leonardo Bandin]] ( Engineering, Argentina )
* [[User:callkalpa|W.H. Kalpa Pathum]] ( Ambassador, Sri Lanka )
== Contact ==
You can always write me an [ email].
You might as well reach me at the IRC on freenode in the fedora channels.
Please take in mind, if Im marked as away, I am really away.
== Legal statement ==
'''All Fedora or RedHat Inc. licenses, where agreed on, conditional applicable by dependant local authority legislation.'''<BR>
'''All other work, not covered or unclear to license agreements, is licensed to GNU GPL version 3 or later or else sole property of complete mankind.'''

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