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Purely developer focused event

If we had a purely developer focused event, here's how I'd like it to go. day 1 draws heavily from the Python Language Summit. days 2-N draw from FADs but also trying to address the limitations of the current FUDCon system.

  • Day 1 -- Mixture of reporting and planning:
    • Plenary discussion session of things people want to work on, discuss at the event, and update for others about what important things have changed in the year.
    • Kinda like a FESCo meeting but longer and in person.
    • Need to have cutoffs for time with the quite visible option of: let's take a session spot to continue this
    • This day gives people a taste of what's happening in all areas of the project and who is working in certain areas.
  • Day 2..3 -- Planning and decisions
    • Sessions. Smaller groups get together to figure out the details of specific problems.
    • The object of sessions is to make decisions and to make implementation plans.
    • Scheduling is important here. We could easily divide the time up into four half day sessions but there's probably more sessions than this. One session before lunch and two after might be better. We'd probably still need to have multiple sessions going at a time. That gets into scheduling appropriately so people who need to be in multiple sessions not be in sessions that conflict with each other.
  • Day 3..N
    • Hacking. The object of hacking days are to implement plans (in code, in documents, via designs, etc)
  • Day N -- wrap up
    • I don't think a wrap up on day N will be successful as many people will have departed by then but a half day to report on what you've accomplished to the other people in the group would be nice.