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We want to have products be able to specify divergent and conflicting behaviour.

Use cases

Agreed upon

(at least sgallagh and abadger1999 :-)

  1. install time -- we want the product you're installing to determine which configuration you get.
  2. installing a package on an existing system -- if it has separate config, we'd like the package manager to choose the configuration for the product you're using.


  1. Product conversion/union: Installed Cloud or Server but want a graphical environment. Preference is to make that be Workstation. (We want it to be as close to Workstation as possible, to benefit from existing testing)
    1. recommendation implementation: the defaults should not change for anything that was part of the installed Product, but new packages should get the Workstation default
  2. If we have a union Product (e.g. Server+Workstation), a nice-to-have would be a single tool to adjust all configs for one or the other.

Possible Implementations

  • Conflicts
  • Alternatives