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Doing now

  • python-fedora
    • Release management
    • Coding/bugfixing
  • python-kitchen
    • Release management
    • Coding bug fixing
    • Porting to python3
  • FAS
    • Xavier Lamien is officially the head maintainer. You'll mostly miss me for quick analysis and hotfixes
  • Pkgdb/elections/etc
    • Mostly picked up by pingou already :-)
  • Packages I maintain
    • pingou, threebean, and lmacken?
    • Some package no longer useful to infra will be retired or given to other comaintainers: for instance, bzr (although we also use loggerhead which doesn't have a comaint)
  • Postgres
    • ad hoc queries to FAS mostly
  • one-off quick sysadmin scripts
  • analysis and bugfixes to packaging, bug fixes, etc
  • General knowledge of history - why code is the way it is, who to talk to about an issue in Fedora, etc.
    • I'll still be around IRC so some this you can still rely on me for. I just won't be nearly as active on creating new code.
  • FPC
    • Going to look outside of our team
    • python packaging guidelines -- ?
  • Packaging knowledge, setuptools knowledge, unicode issues, etc.
    • I'll be around IRC but you may also have to make due without until someone gains the knowledge.