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Doing now

  • python-fedora
    • Release management
    • Coding/bugfixing
  • python-kitchen
    • Release management
    • Coding bug fixing
    • Porting to python3
  • FAS
    • Xavier Lamien is officially the head maintainer. You'll mostly miss me for quick analysis and hotfixes
  • Pkgdb/elections/etc
    • Mostly picked up by pingou already :-)
  • Packages I maintain
    • pingou, threebean, and lmacken?
    • Some package no longer useful to infra will be retired or given to other comaintainers: for instance, bzr (although we also use loggerhead which doesn't have a comaint)
  • Postgres
    • ad hoc queries to FAS mostly
  • one-off quick sysadmin scripts
  • analysis and bugfixes to packaging, bug fixes, etc
  • General knowledge of history - why code is the way it is, who to talk to about an issue in Fedora, etc.
    • I'll still be around IRC so some this you can still rely on me for. I just won't be nearly as active on creating new code.
  • FPC
    • Going to look outside of our team
    • python packaging guidelines -- ?
  • Packaging knowledge, setuptools knowledge, unicode issues, etc.
    • I'll be around IRC but you may also have to make due without until someone gains the knowledge.

On the Table

Things I've talked about working on with Paul or the infra team:

  • Working on authN and authZ with puiterwijk and Xavier
    • Suggest handing this over to puiterwijk... he's doing most of the coding as part of fedoauth anyway. Mostly need to talk about the design with him and figure out how to integrate it into our applications. Only problem is that puiterwijk doesn't work on Fedora full time.
  • Python3 porting
    • Longer term problem but this is coming at us and it's large.
    • Need to review the python34 EPEL packages from orionp and get the packaging effort started.
    • Once that's done, just start plugging away at making library code run on both py2 and py3 and app code either run on both or run only on py3.
    • I think that threebean's interested in this. Question of how much time he has to work on it, though.
  • mirrormanager port to flask
    • pingou has been doing this. He won't have much of my time or mdomsch's time for talking about architecture and as a sounding board for changes.
  • Port away from TG1
    • mirrormanager, bodhi (post-F21 release?), and fas.
    • Probably pingou will end up shouldering a lot of this.... just be careful not to burn out, pingou.
  • Fireman: The "It's Friday afternoon and $RANDOM thing is broken, can you fix it?"
    • Unless we find someone else who likes doing this, it probably just falls on the whole team to do more of this. Seth and I were probably the primary general purpose coding firemen before but others do it for their particular domains of knowledge.


  • Copr
    • msuchy. But needs lots of help and more TZ coverage
    • Possible to get more mikem time to add these needs to koji?
  • cloud
    • Currently smooge and nirik have picked up this work
  • Depsolving questions -
    • Currently no one is filling this void in infra

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