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City:Tianjin, China

1, Hack News clone for fedora.
2, Fedora Chinese community Site
2, Use fedora for work and Cent OS more than three years.
3, Owner of hanhan (famous writer and star in china)'s facebook and twitter page.
4, Wechat public ID (IBMWATSON)
5, Other company's websites.

I'd like to join fedora group and help it get more
1, Build a site for Fedora-zh(done)
2, Build a irc server for Fedora-zh (due some reason the normal user can't load the freenode's recaptcha.js in china.So i think it is time to build a local irc server for chinese)
3, I would join the fedora project and Promote Fedora at most popular website like zhihu (quora clone in china,lol), Tieba, Weibo. online or offline.
4, I love fedora.

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