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|REAL-NAME= Timur Kristóf
|REAL-NAME=Timur Kristóf
|image= Timur-2011-small.jpg
|HOME=Budapest, Hungary
|HOME= Kaposvár and Budapest, Hungary
|birthday= 1991.01.22
|birthplace= Kaposvár, Hungary
|FAS-NAME= venemo
||irc-nick= Venemo
|irc-channels=#fedora #fedora-devel #fedora-qa #maemo #meego #meego-bar

= Timur Kristóf =
= Timur Kristóf =

My name is Timur and I'm studying at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. (I study electronic engineering, and this is my first year at the uni.)
Developer and electrical engineer who prefers quality over quantity. Contributor to the Linux open source graphics stack, specifically RADV/ACO.
I've been using Fedora for about 8 months now. For the last 3 months, it has been my primary and only operating system. I am active in the community, trying to help others on IRC whenever they have a problem that I have already encountered.
Outside of Fedora, I'm also active in the Maemo community, having also written a few applications for the Nokia N900.
I enjoy using StackOverflow whenever I have the time to do so.
== How did I get here? ==
For some time, I was mostly a .NET developer. I've became interested in Linux when I got myself an N900 and saw how nice its UI was. I also developed some small apps for it with Qt. I thought then, "If Linux can look this great on a mobile device, I sure have to try it on my laptop too!" And so it begun.
Fedora was the first distribution I tried, and I haven't seen any reason to change ever since. Over time, I found myself booting into Fedora more and more, while a few months ago I decided to use it as my primary and only operating system. Since then, I'm quite familiar with Maemo development and now I'm familiarizing myself with how Fedora works and how its packaging system works. I'm more or less familiar with Qt apps and Mono, Gtk to some extent and I've also found myself looking at how to write Gnome Shell extensions. I have also learned how to create an RPM package more or less.
I always aspire to learn more, and I think that there is always room for improvement.
== My online footprint ==
* [ My blog] (Hungarian, updated infrequently. Planning on an English one.)
* [ My StackOverflow profile]
* [ My profile]
== Favourite quotes ==
* ''"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."'' - Tolkien
* ''"Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do."'' - Asimov
* ''"Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding."'' - Einstein
== Contact ==
* You can find me on IRC. (I usually idle there even if I'm AFK.)
** My nickname is '''Venemo'''.
* E-mail: venemo (at)
== My stuff ==
* [ Puzzle Master app]
* [ Some other stuff]

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Timur Kristóf
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Home: Budapest, Hungary
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FAS-Name: venemo
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Timur Kristóf

Developer and electrical engineer who prefers quality over quantity. Contributor to the Linux open source graphics stack, specifically RADV/ACO.