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= Vinzenz Vietzke =
My name is Vinzenz Vietzke, I'm 28 years old and live in [ Augsburg], southern Germany. I have been working as educator/pre-school teacher for a while and am now engaged as Linux Marketing Ninja for German Linux/OSS Company [ B1 Systems].
My first (unsatisfying) contact with Linux was in 1999 with Suse 6.0. Since 2006 I'm using Linux as preferred operating system, starting with the unavoidable Ubuntu. Moving to Debian a lot of distributions followed, ending up and staying for a long time at Archlinux.
Since mid-2010 I am "fedoraised" and meanwhile involved myself into the project.
I've been working on various Linux and open source projects, especially on maintaining packages for Archlinux, translating Debian packages and a lot of different tools on [ Launchpad].
As I'm a pre-school teacher my abilities in conversation, explaining and training can be useful - not least for grown ups. :)
== Contact ==
* '''Email''':
* '''GPG key''': [ 0x566C378B]
* '''FAS Account''': vinz
* '''''': [ vinzv]
* '''Twitter''': [ vinzv]
* '''Facebook''': [ vinzv]
* '''Location''': [ Augsburg], Germany
* '''IRC''': vinzv (typically on #fedora-de, #fedora-design and #fedora-ambassadors)
== Fedora work ==
=== Teams ===
* Coordination of [[L10N_German_Team|German L10N Team]] (together with [[User:Bigant|Roman]])
* [[Design/Events_Ninjas|Events Ninja]] for Design Team
* Member of [[FreeMedia]] Group
* Member of [[Marketing]] Group
* Member of [[Ambassadors]] Group
* Member of [[Design]] Team
=== Various ===
* [[/Projects#Fedora_startpage|rework]] of
* [[/Projects#Shirts|idea]] for fedora shirts
* [[/Projects/T-Shirt|rework]] of T-Shirt wiki page
* Hosting fedora booths at events like LIT 2011 or a Gnome3 Release Party
* [ Bugreports]
=== within Linux/other projects ===
* shell scripting: [ iP3300] and [ ddbar]
* former Debian translator and Archlinux AUR package maintainer
* translator of various programs on [ Launchpad] and [ Hootsuite for Android]
== Hardware ==
I'm mostly working on a
* ThinkPad SL510 running F15 (home notebook) [ smolts profile]
* ThinkPad L412 running F15 (work notebook)
My drawing and sketching work I do an a
* Wacom Bamboo CTL-460
There are some Android phones and a Asus EeePC around here, too.
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