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Ville-Pekka Vainio

I'm a Fedora user since FC2, a Finnish Fedora GUI and Docs translator, one of the coordinators of the Finnish translation team, a Fedora RPM package maintainer and I'm also interested in FOSS hacking. I have a B.Sc. in Computer Science and I'm currently studying for an M.Sc. degree. I live in Helsinki, Finland.

Finnish translation

The wiki page for the Finnish translation team.

I can sponsor new contributors to the cvsl10n group in the Fedora Account System. Make sure you've sent an introduction mail to the fedora-trans-list mailing list before asking for sponsorship.


Packages that I maintain:

I also co-maintain some other VDR packages with VilleSkyttä


In general, I support what EPEL is doing, but I currently have no EL installations, so I don't really want to maintain my packages there by myself. However, if you are interested in having e.g. the Voikko packages in EPEL, feel free to maintain those, but please add me as a co-mainter.

Docs translation

I have translated the Release Notes for Fedora 7 and 8 into Finnish. I plan to keep doing the translations for upcoming releases as well. Any help is greatly appreciated :) If I have the time, I may also update the translations for already released versions.

My COSS Summercode Finland 2007 Project

Please see SummerOfCode/2007/VillePekkaVainio