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== Involvement with Fedora ==
== Involvement with Fedora ==
* Fedora IRC Support
* [[Communicate#IRC|Fedora IRC Support]]
* Fedora Unity testers group
* [ Fedora Unity testers group]
* Fedora Ambassador for North America
* [[Ambassadors/NA|Fedora Ambassador for North America]]

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Scott Williams



I graduated from Taylor University with a degree in Psychology, and have been working for the last year and a half in System Test for a large diesel engine company. I am transitioning into a customer support position for an Indiana based software company. I have been enthusiastically using Fedora as my primary desktop OS since fc4. I also have a passion for German cars, especially VWs and Audis.


  • Email:
  • IRC: vwbusguy, MadBus
  • Fedora wiki: vwbusguy

Involvement with Fedora