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|REAL-NAME=Wesley Otugo
|location=Lagos, Nigeria
|birthday=July 27th 1997
|jabber= wesleyotugo at
|twitter= wesleyotugo
|facebook= workdeniswork
||irc-nick= wesleyotugo
|irc-channels=#fedora #fedora-commops #fedora-docs #fedora-diversity

== About me ==

I was born into The Otugo Family by My Mother "Uloma Otugo" And My father "Patrick Otugo", as the fourth of four children on the day of rest. I was born on Sunday, July 27th 1997.
* E-mail:
At nursery level I attended St. Leo Catholic School and at Primary level I attended Mayors International School.
* IRC Nick: wesleyotugo
I am a graduate from high school. .
* Twitter: @wesleyotugo
* FAS: wesleyotugo

== What I Bring To Fedora ==
* Location: Lagos, Nigeria (UTC +1 Timezone)
That Aside, I bring robust diversity into Fedora Project, Excitement, Unmanned Energy hahaha.
== My Open Source Contributions ==
Just Fedora, Simply Fedora.
=== My Relation to the Fedora Project ===
I am currently pursing to contribute to all sphere of Fedora from Design to Infrastructure
=== Development ===
* GitHub: [ wesleyotugo]
== Plans & Goals ==
I hope to be paid by Fedora to work for Fedora.

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  • E-mail:
  • IRC Nick: wesleyotugo
  • Twitter: @wesleyotugo
  • FAS: wesleyotugo
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria (UTC +1 Timezone)