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Wesley Otugo
Personal information
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Birthday: July 27th 1997
GPG key: D0464A1EBBBBD2E7
Contact information
Jabber: wesleyotugo at​
IRC: wesleyotugo on
#fedora #fedora-commops #fedora-docs #fedora-diversity​
Twitter: wesleyotugo
Facebook: workdeniswork

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: wesleyotugo
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

About me

I've been a GNU/Linux end user since 2014.

I am a graduate from high school. My main goal is to Fedora King (No Blackbeards Nor Whitebeard).

What I Bring To Fedora

I have no programming skills nor speak any language, but i do debug well for a novice and through that debuging alone i have learnt and i do somehow speak some language like CSS, HTML, PYTHON.

That Aside, I bring robust diversity into Fedora Project, Excitement, Unmanned Energy hahaha.

My Open Source Contributions

Just Fedora, Simply Fedora.

My Relation to the Fedora Project

I am currently pursing to contribute to all sphere of Fedora from Design to Infrastructure

Support & Bug Triage

  • Tech support in #fedora, #rhel, and #epel on
  • Active in bugzilla


Plans & Goals

I hope to be paid by Fedora to work for Fedora.