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Manuel Wolfshant

  • Email: wolfy at fedoraproject dot org
  • ICQ: 42112994
  • YM: wolfy67


  • wolfy on #mumu and #rlug (official channels of the Romanian Linux User Group )
  • wolfy (sometimes alleycat) on freenode

Ex scientific researcher and Windows-programmer in a previous life, ex network admin at one of Romania's top 5 ISPs, I am IT manager at the Romanian branch of an American company.
I am one of the founders of the first Romanian Linux User Group (1999 - more about us can be read in our official wiki (Romanian only, sorry); I am one of the ones who take care of the only moderated lists of the RLUG's mailing lists and since 2001 (i.e. since its beginnings) I manage the IRC network of this community. Incidentally the oldest server still in function -- now with new clothes -- runs since 2001 on my home routers ; some previous and current pictures of our sexy servers are available at

Here you can see some pictures taken during the Fedora 8 Release Party organized at the initiative of Adrian Joian , with the support of Nicu Buculei . A bunch of Fedora users gathered, we had some Debian and BSD friends, spent a good time with good talks, beers and cool stuff (free stickers as a give away).

A more serious release party was organized by my friends from the same team when F9 was launched. Some pictures are here.

Here and here you can find a couple of programs that I have packaged over time and probably are not included as such in other well known repos. There is no guarantee about them except the traditional "works for me" and "if you let me know about a problem, I might try to fix it". If you use any of them and your cat eats your dog, your coffee never boils again or all your data goes to nowhereland... tough luck.

Here is the list of packages I maintain in Fedora. Except for cfv which I have adopted, all the others have been submitted by me. Here you can see the requests I reviewed, out of which these have been accepted and imported