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== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==
At the moment, i want to join the marketing team and become a ambassador, because i think Fedora deserves more popularity.
Ambassador sponsored by [[User:Jsimon |Joerg Simon]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from Germany]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from Germany]]

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Yannik Stadelmaier

I am a Bachelor student in social/cultural anthropology (stressed on "Central Eurasia, means the region between the black sea nd southern china like Kyrgysia or Georgia) at the University of Tuebingen. Since i've used Linux for several years, i bought a MacBook last summer and now it is running Fedora Linux(and it's supporting all the hardware!). In my free time i like to meet friends, improve my C skills or hang around in the internet, or, when it is not too rainy, ride my Mountainbike.


Activities within Fedora

Ambassador sponsored by Joerg Simon