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== Kautilya Bhardwaj ==
=== I'm pursuing 2nd sem. in computer science from J.D. College,jaipur. ===
''i have varied interests in computing.I am very interested in promoting open source software as a means to help people to communicate via the Internet. I see computers as tools to enrich people's lives and effect positive changes in society. i want to be long term contributor to multiple Fedora Projects ''
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== Contact ==
* '''Email''': <pre></pre>
* '''IRC''': your_nick on <pre>#kauti-*</pre>
* '''GPG key''':
Version: GnuPG v2.0.7 (GNU/Linux)
* '''Fedora Account''': <pre>playkaut</pre>
== Activities within Fedora ==
* Projects
* Packages
* Pages

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