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Fedora offers software from the GNOME and KDE environments to manage your finances. GnuCash is the financial software recommended for users with the GNOME desktop environment, and Kmymoney is recommended financial software for the KDE environment. Although each financial software application is recommended for a specific desktop environment, remember both will work on any Fedora desktop environment.

Only the DVD version of Fedora includes both financial software packages. GnuCash and Kmymoney are also available for download and easy installation with either the Add/Remove Software utility or through the command line.


Docs Drafts DesktopUserGuide Financial gnucash-icon.png GnuCash is not installed by default from the Live-CD or the DVD. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can use the Fedora DVD to install GnuCash. The Add/Remove Software utility offers a graphical installation interface for new users.

Here is how to install GnuCash using Add/Remove Software in the Gnome Desktop Environment.

Click System > Administration > Add/Remove Software. This will open the Add/Remove Software application.

In the [Search Box] with the binoculars icon, type:


Next, click the [Find] button. The message "Querying" appears in the lower left corner.

Tick the box next to Gnucash is an application to keep track of your finances. The message "Downloading repository information" appears in the lower left corner. The window area below the list of packages contains additional information about GnuCash.

Select any additional packages to install or remove at this time by changing tick boxes next to the package name.

Finally, click the [Apply] button. This starts the GnuCash installation process and concurrently installs or removes any additional packages where you modified the tick box. Follow any prompts to install additional packages.

GnuCash is now installed on your computer.

Another way to install the GnuCash application is to use the command line.

Click Applications > System Tools> Terminal to open the command line.


su -c 'yum install gnucash'

You will be prompted for the computer's root password. Type in the root password and press 'Enter'. You will not see the password as you type. The terminal will start giving information about the application, and end with Is this ok [y/N]:.



The terminal downloads the necessary files and completes the installation of GnuCash.

After you install GnuCash using one of the methods described above, launch the program by clicking Applications > Office > Gnucash Finance Management.