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Office Tools

There are two primary office suite recommendations for Fedora users: the suite for GNOME desktop users and KOffice suite for the KDE desktop. Each suite of office tools includes presentation, spreadsheet, and word processing applications. Additional office applications are also available depending on the office suite selected.

Remember both office suites will run on any Fedora desktop environment. The recommendation is only the office suite best optimized for a specific desktop environment, such as GNOME or KDE. Once installed, all office tools are available from the Applications > Office menu or as icons located in the menu bar or on the desktop.

A few other programs of interest are Abiword for word processing, gLabels is a program for creating labels and business cards for the GNOME desktop environment, and Gnumeric a GNOME spreadsheet. Applications creates documents in open standards formats, such as OpenDocument (.ODF), Rich Text Format (.RTF), and HTML. It can also read, edit, and write documents in Microsoft Office formats, such as Word (.DOC), Excel (.XLS), and PowerPoint (.PPT), with a high degree of compatibility. Files can be exported in PDF format without the need of additional software. The most used programs are: Impress

File:Docs Drafts DesktopUserGuide Office openofficeorg-impress.png Impress Creates and performs presentations.

  • Start the applicaion by clicking on Applications > Office > Impress.
  • The first window asks you to choose Empty presentation, From template, or Open existing presentation.
  • Select Empty presentation to build your slide(s) from scratch, or
  • The From Template button for further configuration:
  • Presentations allow you to choose:
  • Default
  • Introducing a New Product
  • Recommendation of a Strategy
  • Presentation Backgrounds loads the window with several background choices.
  • Open existing presentation opens a presentation file.
  • Choose the [Next] key to Select a slide design and Select an output medium.
  • Another click on [Next] opens the Presentation Wizard to set up your presentation. You can select the Effect and Speed of slide transition, and either Default or Automatic for the Type of Presentation you want.
  • The[Create] button opens your presentation.
  • The application opens with the work area, top menu and a drawing menu on the bottom. When you roll your mouse over the icons a description of its function pops up.

Click this link for detailed tutorials about using Impress. Calc

File:Docs Drafts DesktopUserGuide Office openofficeorg-calc.png Calc is a full featured spreadsheet program.

  • Start the applicaion by clicking on Applications > Office > Calc.
  • The top menu has the major functions:
  • File lets you create New documents, Open and Close a file, Export and Print. It has the Wizards link to create different templates.
  • Edit allows you Cut, Copy, and Paste, Delete Cells and Spreadsheet and to Copy and Move Spreadsheets.
  • View lets you select Toolbars, see Page Breaks, and Zoom in and out.
  • With the Insert button you can insert Cell, Rows, Sheets, Files, Pictures, Sound, Functions, Special Characters, and Links.
  • Under Format the Cells, Row, Column, and Sheet can be formated, setup the Page and Pring Ranges. Change Case, Styles and Formatting. It also provides the ability to Anchor, Align, Arrange, Flip, Group. and manipulate any Graphics.
  • Tools can check Spelling, access the Thesaurus, use the filters Detective, Goal Seek, Solver, and Senarios. Configure AutoCorrect, Share, Merge, and Protect the document. You can run Macros, Extension Manager, Customize the application, and setup various Options.
  • Selecting Data you can manipulate the data such as Define or Select Range, Sort, Filter, and Group and Outline.
  • The Window key lets you open a New Window, Close Window, and Split or Freeze the current window. It also lists any open files on the bottom of the drop-dwon menu.
  • Press Help then [F1]' button to open the Calc help manual.
  • The row of icons under the top menu bar contains the most frequently used functions plus a few icons for data manipulation.
  • The third menu panel allows you to configure the appearance of your data, such as 'font selection, alignment, font, bullets, indendations, bolding, and italicizing.
  • The fourth panel shows the address of the cell you are pointing to and the data window shows what the cell contains.
  • The panel at the bottome of the spreadsheet shows which spreadsheet is currently selected and how many worksheets are in the file.
  • Worksheets can be added by going to the top menu panel and clicking on Insert > Sheet > [OK] button, or choose where you want the new spreadsheet placed, the number of spreadsheets you want, and the name if you want something other that the default.
  • A right mouse click one the spreadsheet tab brings up a short menu that allows you to Insert, Delete, Rename, Move/Copy, Select All, Cut, or Copy the spreadsheet.

For detailes on using Calc. see this Tutorial

File:Docs Drafts DesktopUserGuide Office openofficeorg-writer.png Writer is a word processing program.

For the most up-to-date information on all of's office program offerings, visit the official site


The KOffice suite is optimized for the KDE desktop environment. The KOffice applications also create documents and files in open standards formats including OpenDocument (.ODF), Rich Text Format (.RTF), and HTML. Officially, the KOffice FAQ recommends using .RTF or .PDF formats for compatibility with Microsoft Word. KOffice does support Microsoft file formats, but there are issues with compatibility.

For the most up-to-date information on all of KOffice's program offerings, visit the official KOffice site. This site also includes detailed documentation and help for each individual KOffice program.

File:Docs Drafts DesktopUserGuide Office kpresenter.png KPresenter is the KOffice application for creating and performing presentations.
File:Docs Drafts DesktopUserGuide Office kspread.png KSpread is the KOffice spreadsheet program.
File:Docs Drafts DesktopUserGuide Office kword.png KWord is the KOffice word processing program.

Abiword.png Abiword word processin application

Gnumeric.png Gnumeric Spreadsheet

Glabels.png gLabels program for labels, business cards, and CD/DVDs

For Further Information

For more information on using, refer to the following documentation and support pages:

For more information on using KOffice, refer to the following documentation and support pages:

For templates that can be used in refer to the following websites:

For templates that can be used in KOffice refer to the following websites:

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