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Date Comment

Wednesday 11/23/20 10:50 AM PDT

Several weeks of Internet outages are causing real iteration.

Friday 10/23/20 8:52 AM PDT

Purpose: What have I learned following the evolution of f33 from a distance.

  1. .
  2. ..
  3. Communication is the key to Fedora Involvement.

Wednesday 8/19/20 8:47 PM PDT

Purpose: Understand the Quality Assurance cycle in the overall machinery of producing a Linux distribution.

  1. The following Test Day matrix appears an exhaustive number of test cases.
  2. Breaking it down by test: Basic, Gnome Shell, Gnome Online Accounts, Disk Management, Exploratory Testing
  3. I've an interest in Gnome Shell and Disk Management.

Wednesday 2/19/14 8:34 EST

Purpose: Examine the Network Scripts and what they make contact with.

  1. There is the danger of creating a process and having to feed the process then never having the time to code!!!
  2. During Fedora 20 I following along with the bug processing process.
  3. On the December 26, 2013 I started a new job and as per plan eased back though not as completed as I had planned.

Thursday 2/13/14 7:51 EST

  1. Following "my" process means that I'll plan before preceeding to an implementation.
  2. I'm going to add some resources to my user page tonight.

Condor (talk)

Condor's Fedora Wiki User Page Specification

Purpose: The purpose of this user page is to collect and organize my thoughts as well as document my activities all specifically relating to Fedora. In this regard the rules and regulations that I've agreed to while gaining access to these resources are the primary guidance when deciding how content is presented here and what content, this is in regard to what is "on topic," is presented here.


  1. A non binding schedule of activities. I'll attempt to do such and such, such as check email and read mailing lists on these days.
  2. An activity log (not strictly a dribble file, though close) sufficient to keep my memory fresh, and possibly allow others to determine if something mission critical has been achieved. For example, "He's downloaded the boot.iso. But, he doesn't mention evaluated it." Conclusion: Joe hasn't touched the boot.iso.
  3. Some attempt at what I find interesting. This might be a cryptic.