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*: all the [ apps]
*: all the [ apps]
*: and so on
*: and so on
* find and cat all the ("for users") "important" articles
* translate (all the) "important" articles (into German)
*: (translate docs (into German) as well)
* …
* …

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where are Tools and other stuff in this MediaWiki (linked) at?

creating my own little menu:

things to do in this wiki


handling articles by template of versions (releases)

changes maybe



#REDIRECT [[Special Interest Group]]


List of abbreviations

abbreviation stands for (current) redirection
FAS Fedora Account System Account System
SIG Special Interest Group category:SIGscategory:SIG
FAD Fedora Activity Day Fedora Activity Day - FADcategory:Fedora Activity Day
CCC Chaos Computer Club category:Chaos Computer Club
FrOSCon Free and Open Source Software Conference
FWD Fedora Women DayFedora Women's Day Fedora Activity Day - FADcategory:Fedora Women's Day
CoC Code of Conduct



from to why
categroy:SIGs categroy:SIG singular is better then plural (in a wiki and as a tag for (the content) of a single page)
Fedora Activity Day - FAD Fedora Activity Day just the name as title (naming the abbreviation in the title is not intuitive.)

things to think about