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Fedora Video

Fedora Video Pages

Fedora Videos Team

Current Tasks

  • Tatica will bring a couple of ideas for intro/outro
  • Create a "how summit a video guidelines" - FranciscoD,Thunderbirdtr,zoltanh7211
  • graphite6 will work on "start message" and "welcome wiki" - also on mail invitations
  • Thunderbirdtr make the "main" page of the wiki.

Completed Tasks


  • First Approach
  • Desktop Environments
  • Applications
  • Development
  • Servers
  • Base System
  • Fedora SPINS

Collecting Videos

  • Direct share
  • Links

Team Tasks

  • Create Videos following the guidelines and interest of the community
  • Check that the branding is being used correctly and provide recommendations
  • Motivate people to send us their videos and link Fedora-Videos on their content
  • Come up with a script for branding, such as the opening title, translations, etc.
  • Check appropriated licences for media.
  • Video sources "MUST" be available (for Fedora people and not f-people)
  • Check twice for videos content(s) (license, model release agreement)

Video uploads

  • Youtube (check privacy)
  • Vimeo
  • Direct downloads
  • Veoh

Music uploads

  • Jamendo
  • (audio place)
  • CCmixter

Video Features

  • Common comment linking to website and/or for direct theora downloads
  • Guidelines is needed to follow if we want to make them official (a simple one)
  • Verification is needed to consider the video official.
    • Video is official once, we send them a short 3sec intro/out video section of Fedora logo
    • Videos must follow a template to make their translation easier
  • Categorize videos using "join" teams

Videos so Far

Categories Structure:

Official Announcements & Events

 -Country A
   *Event Name -2012
   *Event Name -2011
 -Country B


 -How To Videos
    *Software (s) & Packages(will be further sub-categorized based on the name of the application)
    *Plug in (s) & others
 -Getting Started With an Application
    *(Videos like FranciscoD vim can be placed here)

How To Join Fedora

 -Marketing Team
 -Design Team

Drop There Video Links

 -(Here a users can drop them video links for our preview or you can contact us so that you can send us videos
  (This is not part of official page)

Video Contributors

 -For those who just want to contribute by giving there videos 
  We will be have list of them as per there contribution

Fun Corner