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The Virtualization Preview Repository is for people who would like to test the very latest virtualization related packages. This repository is intended primarily as an aid to testing / early experimentation. It is not intended for 'production' deployment.

Target Audience

Who might be interested in virt preview? It turns out there are four kinds of people in the world.

  • 1) Users who want things to stay stable and who aren't necessarily expecting new features until they update to the next release of Fedora - these are people with just the updates repo enabled
  • 2) Same as (1) but who are willing to help out testing updates for the whole distro in order to catch things before they hit the people in category (1) - these people have the updates and updates-testing repos enabled
  • 3) Mostly the same as (1) or (2), but have a specific interest in testing new virt features and are willing to deal with virt regressions - these people enable the updates, updates-testing and preview repos
  • 4) People who are interested in helping with Fedora <next> development in general, not just virt - these people run rawhide

Enabling the Virtualization Preview Repository

Install the repo:

sudo curl --output /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-virt-preview.repo

Then to grab the latest packages, just use standard DNF command:

sudo dnf upgrade

or with Yum:

sudo yum update


Issues with specific packages should be filed in Issues with the repo itself can be directed to User:crobinso


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