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== Packagers/Reviewers/People interested ==
== Packagers/Reviewers/People interested ==
* JeffOllie
* [[JeffOllie]]
* StevenPritchard
* [[StevenPritchard]]
* AurelienBompard
* [[AurelienBompard]]
* GavinHenry
* [[GavinHenry]]
* FrancoisAucamp
* [[FrancoisAucamp]]
* PeterLemenkov
* [[PeterLemenkov]]
* DavidWoodhouse
* [[DavidWoodhouse]]
== General Issues ==
== General Issues ==

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VoIP Special Interest Group


To package as many Voice over IP applications as possible for Fedora.
To that end, members of this SIG will assist in packaging VoIP applications and make reviewing VoIP-related packages our priority.


Want to suggest a VoIP application or library? Just add it to the Applications/Libraries of Interest list. Working on packaging a VoIP application or library, or need a review for your VoIP-related package? Just add it to the Applications/Libraries Being Packaged list. Interested in joining the SIG? Just add your WikiName to the list.

Applications/Libraries of Interest

Applications/Libraries Being Packaged

Orphaned Packages Needing Maintainers

Packagers/Reviewers/People interested

General Issues