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VoIP Special Interest Group


To package as many Voice over IP applications as possible for Fedora. To that end, members of this SIG will assist in packaging VoIP applications and make reviewing VoIP-related packages our priority.


Want to suggest a VoIP application or library? Just add it to the Applications/Libraries of Interest list. Working on packaging a VoIP application or library, or need a review for your VoIP-related package? Just add it to the Applications/Libraries Being Packaged list. Interested in joining the SIG? Just add your WikiName to the list.

Applications/Libraries of Interest

  • Asterisk-Addons
  • Asterisk-Sounds
  • CDRTool - A set of utilities for working with call detail records
  • gnugk - H.323 gatekeeper
    • This may require importing OpenH323 from the old Fedora package into Fedora Package Collection because Fedora dropped OpenH323 once GnomeMeeting/Ekiga switched to Opal.
  • Mediaproxy - far-end NAT traversal solution for SER/OpenSER
  • minisip - SIP softphone
  • OpenSBC - hybrid SIP proxy and B2BUA
  • OpenSIPStack - implementation of the Session Initiation Protocol
  • OpenWengo - SIP softphone with lot of advanced features
    • This softphone uses a lot of other libraries (as optional and as a required) and there are not allowed for inclusion in Fedora among them.
  • OpenXCAP - open source, easy extensible, fully featured XCAP server with TLS security and support for multiple realms.
  • SEMS - SIP express media server
  • Yate - Yet Another Telephony Engine
  • Yxa - transaction stateful SIP stack and a set of SIP server applications

Applications/Libraries already packaged

Packages for review

  • HylaFAX - is a enterprise-strength fax server supporting Class 1 and 2 fax modems on UNIX systems.
  • iax - Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol
  • iaxclient - Library for creating telephony solutions that interoperate with Asterisk
  • libss7 - SS7 protocol services to applications
  • MySTUN - STUN server
    • Initial attempt to package it was made, but review request was closed due to lack of activity
  • nagios-plugins-check_sip - A Nagios plugin to check SIP servers and devices
  • SEMS - an extensible SIP media server
  • sip-redirect - Tiny IPv4 and IPv6 SIP redirect server written in Perl
  • Sippy - B2BUA SIP call controlling component
  • stun - mplements the stun protocol

Orphaned Packages Needing Maintainers

Rejected Packages

Packagers/Reviewers/People interested

General Issues