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A iniciativa dos Sites da Web Fedora tem como objetivo melhorar a imagem do Fedora e criar a melhor interface possível para os utilizadores e colaboradores na Internet.

Funções da Contribuição no Projeto dos Sites da Web

Funções da Contribuição
Estas são apenas sugestões para as funções de contribuição. Só a sua imaginação define os limites.

Join OSDeveloper.png
Programador de SO

Join WebDeveloper.png
Programador da Web ou Administrador

Sobre os Sites da Web Fedora

Os objetivos chave deste esforço incluem:

  • Consolidating all key Fedora websites onto one uniform scheme
  • Maintaining content that doesn't fall under any particular sub-project
  • Generally, making the sites as fun and exciting as the project they represent

In order to better achieve these goals, as well as to benefit the community, the work of this project will involve third-party site maintainers where possible. The direct work of this project is limited to the formal Get Fedora site.

Work on specific sections of the sites will be coordinated by the appropriate projects. A great deal of coordination will be necessary with the Fedora Infrastructure Team , Fedora Documentation Project and the Fedora Marketing Project .

For a list of community websites, see the Community Websites page.

Aderir à Equipa dos Sites da Web

Por favor, vá até à página de Adesão para saber como deve iniciar o processo.

Comunicando Connosco

How to contact the Websites team
Mailing list: websites
Visit this link to sign up for the email list for the Websites team.
Chat: #fedora-websites[?]
This is where real-time chat with Websites team members happens.

Erros (Bugs)

Você pode ajudar!
If you find a bug on the website you think you can help fix, try it! Here's a page on the wiki that tells you how to fix bugs on the Fedora Project website.

Encontrou um erro?

Create a new ticket and we'll be notified.

Alternatively, email webmaster AT fedoraproject DOT org which is sent to the websites list.

Corrigir um erro ou enviar correções?

Here is how to fix bugs on the Fedora Project website.

Patches can be sent to our websites list.

Rastrear um erro?

Bug tracking for the Fedora websites is handled through our Fedora Websites Trac instance.

Bugs that are related to the Fedora Documentation Project or can be reported using this template .

Tarefas Abertas

Deseja ver uma lista das nossas tarefas abertas?

If you find something you'd like to take on, add a comment to the ticket and add yourself as owner.

These tasks can vary from html/css changes to python scripting.


If you are the owner of a new Spin that needs to be included on the websites there are just a few websites specific tasks (you will have to make others) to accomplish:

  • Open a ticket in the websites track and refer to your wiki page, provide support informations, mailing list and IRC channel.
  • Provide a features list, they are different if your spin is a Desktop Spin or a Functional Spin.
  • Open a ticket in the design trac to request design.
  • Provide an actual screenshot with a full HD resolution (1920x1080).


These are projects with specific goals being worked on. They're in rough order of the priority, but remember, you decide priority by voting with your feet and doing things to move these projects forward.

Atualizações de Tema da Wiki

Atualizar este tema Wiki's.

Equipa: Sijis Aviles, Ian Weller (leads)

Estado: Não iniciada

Atualizar Todos os Sites da Web Fedora

Update all Fedora websites similar to's bootstrap design. All websites should be responsive and easy to navigate.

Equipa: Robert Mayr (lead)

Estado: Em progresso

Data limite: Verão de 2016


Make sure all websites, primarily subdomains and are translated for Fedora releases. All source files now are on This project needs to work close to the L10n teams.

Equipa: Robert Mayr, Kévin Raymond (leads)

Estado: Migração concluída, certifique-se de que todos os sites da Web têm I18n.

Decision making process

Articulate and document the consensus-based decision making process of the websites team.

Team: Sijis Aviles, Robert Mayr (leads)


Create a new web-interface for contributors and for gathering new contributors, where people can have an easy overview of what's going on in the single team. Will need a framework and working close together with Design and Infrastructure is a must!

Equipa: Robert Mayr, Máirín Duffy (leads)

Estado: Brainstorming started

Data limite: F23 ou F24

Portal de Desenvolvimento do Fedora - a new go-to place for app developers running Fedora

Página Wiki: Sites da Web/Programador

Equipa: Petr Hracek, Josef Stribny, Adam Samalik (líder)

Estado: Definição do Projeto

Data limite: Fim do verão de 2015


CSS e Imagens

All CSS files and images used in Fedora sites can be found in our fedora-web.git repository. The community may use the css directly from our urls in a cascading implementation.

We encourage using the stylesheets in a cascading method when working on official Fedora Project domains (sites on this list): Websites/DomainsList

All websites based on bootstrap use the same basic CSS file. Any specific stylesheet needs to be written in the website's app.css file. Don't modify the main bootstrap CSS.

CSS do Fedora na sua aplicação

Carregue o ficheiro CSS do Fedora


Carregue um ficheiro CSS de aplicação Especifico


E depois carregue o seu ficheiro CSS personalizado e substitua os elementos conforme o necessário.

Boilerplate responses to common mailing list inquires

Boilerplate Responses

Projetos Concluídos