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Notes from the FUDCon talk.


  • Default search
    • Backport changes in to preferences without blowing away customizations?
      • Check to see if it was ever changed?


  • Bottom of the page by policy


  • Templates: namespace
  • First letter of all templates are case insensitive
    • First letter of page name are always (re)capitalized
    • {{struct: }}

This page needs some love
This page should be revised or reconstructed to be more helpful. Problems may include being out of step with current team or project status or process.

Talk pages (Discussion)

  • Use the [+]
  • Talk:
  • User_talk:


  • / in a name denotes a chunk?
  • How to best pull structured and indexable information?

To do

  • Add policy on using all lower case in names, titles, templates, etc.
    • This is all letters beyond the initial
  • How to use namespace, templates
    • substitute v. transclude
      • Must save page first?
  • FAS - suggested account naming practices
  • Page on using the API