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Fedora Workstation: Live Streaming Compatibility Initiative

In the last decade the use case for live streaming games, coding sessions, has skyrocketed, specially after the pandemic.

We want to articulate an initiative to make sure that Fedora Workstation has the best out of the box experience for the software and hardware used by this community of users.

In this page we want to summarize the areas we want to cover and articulate a partnership with entities outside of Fedora that have an interest in both upstream and downstream enablement.


  • Elgato Key Light (air)

Mixer and Input decks

  • TC Helicon GoXLR
  • Elgato Stream Deck
  • Elgato Wave XLR

Some extra input in this twitter thread

High End Webcams


For DSLR as webcam over USB we rely o non upstreamed v4l2loopback + gphoto2. v4l2loopback is very unlikely to go upstream however libcamera seems to be the way forward. Worth exploring what kind of work is needed to get DSLRs working with libcamera.

Worth exploring if some setups rely on software that configure or control the camera somehow from the OS itself or simply getting the stream is fine for most usecases.


  • Magewell USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus



We want to reach out to OBS to ensure top notch PipeWire integration and Flatpak availability.

Hardware encoding

Worth summarizing what the status is for hw encoding on each of these GPU platforms for both MESA and propietary drivers and then figuring out whether OBS can leverage those or not.

  • Intel
  • AMD


We intend to gather support from vendors and industry players to build momentum around this initiative.