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Fedora 网页项目

Fedora 网页项目最初目标在于改善 Fedora 的外观,并尽可能为互联网用户和贡献者创造最好的用户界面。

Fedora 网页项目的目标

Fedora 网页项目的主要目标包括:

  • 将所有主要的 Fedora 网站整合成统一的整体
  • 维护不属于任何特定子项目的内容
  • 使网站更加精确的表达项目的精神

为了更好地实现这些目标,使社会获益,该项目可能涉及第三方网站维护者。这一项目的直接工作仅限于 Fedora 的官方网站:

网站特定部分的工作将与适当的项目相一致。 Fedora 基础建设团队 Fedora 文档项目 Fedora 销售项目需要大量的协调。

需要一个网络社区清单, 参阅 CommunityWebsites 页面。

加入 Fedora 网页项目

了解如何加入 Fedora 网页项目, 请参阅 加入页面。如果你只是有一个快速解决方案或建议,请 告诉我们


Bug tracking for the Fedora websites is handled through the Fedora Infrastructure Trac instance at (file a ticket under the Webmaster component )

Alternatively, email webmaster AT fedoraproject DOT org which is handled by fedora-websites-list .

Bugs that are related to the Fedora Documentation Project can be reported using this template .

A list of active page building requests from other projects within Fedora are located here Current Page Requests


Mailing List

The mailing list behind this effort is the fedora-websites-list mailing list. All contributors to this effort and interested third-party site maintainers should join this list.


The #fedora-websites channel on freenode is the best place to go for chat.


Details about the regular meetings for the Fedora Websites team can be found on the Meetings page.


CSS and Images

One can find all CSS files and images used in the Fedora sites on the web. And we encourage the community to use them directly from our urls in a cascading implementation.

This is especially true when working on official domains ( things on this list ):


Fedora CSS in your application

Load the main Fedora CSS file


And then load your custom css file and override elements as needed. Something like:

/w/skins/fedora/main.css or /css/fedora_planet.css

Fedora Images in your application

Images simply need to be loaded via their 'href' attributes' url:


Boilerplate responses to common mailing list inquires

Boilerplate Responses



The current agenda for the Fedora Websites initiative is tracked on the Tasks page.