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Fedora Ambassadors Revamp Update

The Fedora Ambassadors program is currently undergoing a revamp. More details can be found at [1].

This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

Organization of events

Usually ambassadors have some experience on event organization and can help other teams to put all the pieces together. Ambassadors can help to coordinate swag and media distribution, on-site organizational tasks and organize meetings.

Ambassadors work closely with marketing and design teams to provide the appropriated material for events. If you are a member of other team member such as a packager or developer and you are attending to a event, feel free to contact the Ambassadors team and ask for material.


If you consider putting a big together for a FUDCon don't forget to contact the Ambassadors on your area, they can help you out on the aspects mentioned above and also help to write the bid page.


If teams other than ambassadors are willing to organize a FAD they can get in touch with on-site ambassadors in order to get help with logistics, swag and media.

Other events

Ambassadors also help to organize other events. Attendees from other teams can benefit from ambassadors help the same way they do for a FAD or a FUDCon, no matter if it's a small event or a major event such as FISL or FOSDEM.

Prospecting new contributors

Ambassadors play a big role in prospecting new contributors in open source community. Therefore, other teams who need new contributors for their specific tasks can get help from ambassadors in order to fill their needs. For instance, ambassadors can help to organize talks on packaging or design, write blog posts and use social networks searching for potential new contributors.

Guiding new contributors

Once we get news contributors, ambassadors should guide them in order to provide the best experience for them inside the Fedora Project keeping in mind their profiles, abilities and willingness to help. Ambassadors are recommended to get know the join process of one or more other sub-projects, so they can help new contributors to find a mentor or sponsor inside the team and start contributing.

Budget requests

The Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee can provide budget for specific things that could be useful for other teams as well.

Swag and Media

Fedora contributors from different teams can request budget for producing swag and media. Those requests should be filed on the FAmSCo track instance. Be aware that a Fedora Ambassador near you might have some swag and media already, so please contact the Ambassadors team first.

Usually Ambassadors use the nice arts created by the Design Team for producing swag and media. The media arts are synchronized with Fedora releases and are available here.

Travel subsidies

If you are a active Fedora contributor working on packaging, development, translations, design or any other team and you are willing to attend to a event such as GUADEC or Akademy you can also request for budget for lodging or airfare on FAmSCo Track instance. If you are a active contributors and you have have a good plan to the conference we will be glad to help you out if enough money is available.

Note that travel subsidies for FUDCons are usually filed on FUDCon Track instance and granted on public meetings.