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The APACK Box idea came from the NA's event box idea, which in turn came from Gnomes' idea for an event box.

What the APACK boxes will contain

  • One OLPC
  • One Fedora-Blue Tablecloth $15
  • Four Posters (the Four F's, will talk to design team) ~$10
  • CD display object ~$4 from maybe?
  • USB containing SVG images for Posters with a live ISO on it. $10

Total Cost per Small Event Box = $239 (or $39 from

Instructions for ambassadors with APACK boxes

If you have the APACK boxes with you, and you can think of one great cost-effective way of adding to it, please do add stuff to the APACK box, just make sure its a reasonable weight, Size, and cost.

How many APACK Boxes?

We want (hopefully) 6 Small Event Boxes - $1434 (or $39 x 6 from see above)

Inquire about

  • OLPC XO's [DONE]
  • Getting 4'f's poster from design team. - Ticket number 166

other info.

  • Will move around Their own country.
  • Boxes will be small if you are traveling to another country that is holding an event you may bring your countries event box if possible.

Box Distribution locations

  • Australia - Asmartgoat
  • China - ???
  • India - ???
  • India - ???
  • Philippines - Azneita (herson)
  • Sri Lanka - Buddhika Kurera
  • Vietnam - Tuanta (truong)

Action Plan

Stage 1: Planning [Mostly competed, it can wait tho.]

- Choosing best objects [Mostly Done]

- Deployment Places [50%]

Stage 2: preperation [In progress]

- Contacting [In progress]

- Getting offical OK for Funding [Pending]

- Finding sources for objects [Pending]

Stage 3: deployment [Pending]

- Azneita sending Laptops to designated places. [Pending]

- Objects going to a certain person and being distributed [Pending]

Stage 4: Enjoy. [Pending]

- Drink some open-cola. [Completed too early]