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Fedora Cambodia budget plan FY2014

Draft only.

FY2014 (Mar 2014 until Feb 2015) budget

Date Item Content Item Type Priority Amount support Last year support Notes
Mar 2014 BarCamp Siem Reap 2014 Event 1 150 Introduction to Fedora For Siem Reap ICT Users
May 2014 BarCamp Battambang Event 1 200 Introduction to Fedora for Battambang ICT Users
Jun 2014 Distribute F20 University Visit 1 200 Present about Fedora and Distribute official F20 DVDs to the university
Jun 2014 Build a very first Fedora local community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Event 1 500 Some promoting materials, T-shirt and Official DVD F20 will be distribute and we will recruit a few people to be a local Fedora core team
Jul 2014 BarCamp Kampong Cham Event 2 200 Introduction to Fedora for Kampong Cham ICT Users
Sep 2014 BarCamp Phnom Penh Event sponsorship 1 250 Fedora present at the event and we need to sponsor the event to get a booth
Dec 2014 Local community meetup Event 1 300 Community reflection to see what is our SWOT?