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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2008-08-20 - EMEA

Meeting Time


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by FabianAffolter.

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  1. News from FAmSCo
  2. Ambassadors Membership Verification (only 5 seconds)
  3. Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in EMEA. See Fedora Events page.
    1. FrOSCon
    2. FUDCon
    3. OpenExpo
    4. PCL
    5. SFD 2008
    6. GITEX
    7. LinuxDay
  4. News about FAD EMEA 2008 (MaxSpevack and/or Sandro "red" Mathys)
    • Confirm your attendance!
    • Budget / costs discussion
  5. Status of the NPO
  6. Open floor



News from FAmSCo

Please check the ambassadors mailing list about the Release Parties. ->

Report current status of Ambassadors Membership

There are now over 500 ambassadors registered in the FAS. Check for details



MaxSpevack will be there, along with RobertAlbrecht, and a few others. He is giving a talk on Saturday. He also have a bunch of Fedora 9 Live CDs (the nice ones, same that we had at LinuxTag). We were hoping to have the new t-shirts for this event, but they are not ready in time. That is his fault, and he apologize. ChristophWickert asked about accomondation because the hotel wasn't able to tell him if they have reservations for Fedora. MaxSpevack said that they have a bunch of reservations for "FrOSCon" but he is not sure if we were taken into account


FUDCon will be in 16 days. Everyone who is coming should already be signed up. If you signed up for hotel, that will be fully paid for 100% by Fedora and MaxSpevack hope that everyone will have a WONDERFUL event. It has been a long time since we had a FUDCon in Europe, and this will be the first of an annual EMEA FUDcon. There are 110 registered attendees. MaxSpevack don't know the exact breakdown of Red Hat employees from Czech Republic, Red Hat employees from Germany or other parts of Europe, and Fedora contributors, but he think there is a very good mix. Next year, we will pick another location in Europe. It will move around :) GeroldKassube said that a possible option could be Linux Solution Paris. Fedora Project will certainly support LinuxSolution Paris, but MaxSpevack don't think we want to do one FUDCon in September and another in January. Too close together. Also, the budget has already been decided through the end of February 2009, and there isn't money for another FUDCon. But it is important that we continue to support the French ambassadors, which is why I had a meeting with MrTom and all the others a few weeks ago.


So far there are $1000 USD (approx. 650 EUR) budgeted for this event. The confirmed booth person is MaxSpevack, TimeaRusz, and FabianAffolter. FabianAffolter invited all Swiss Fedora constributor to attend but the feedback is unsatisfactory. Red Hat will be there too. The accommodation is still not fixed, CDs are fixed, stickers are fixed. We will bring some of our new t-shirts, which hopefully we can sell to make the money back. The budget is 650 EUR, but it would be nice if we could not use all of that, because MaxSpevack think that we will be happy if we have some extra money that we can use for other EMEA events later on in the quarter.

LinuxDay Italy

The Italian Ambassadors are organizing the attendance at this events. Linuxday in Italy does have owners, and therefore it does have budget.

LinuxDay Austria

This events have no budget if we still want to do the event, then we will have to take budget away from other events. FabianAffolter will think about his attendance


MaxSpevack think we probably need to get more stickers made at some point, that we can use at different events in EMEA. If someone wants to take care of that, we can use some budget to pay for it, as long as we agree on all the prices before we have them produced. He would like to get more stickers made for general EMEA usage. GeroldKassube will ask MarcoZiesing to care about the stickers. The budget will be around 200 EUR.


GeroldKassube said that maybe we should try to figure out who else need the Ambassador Polo and try to order at least for FAD 2008.


SandroMathys already sent out a reminder to the people who did not yet confirm their attendance. He hope to get the outstanding answers soon if there's some questions or an issue, feel free to contact him, he'll try to help as good as he can. Unfortunately, we're very limited on budget. The new budget plan says we have $2000 ($2000 = about 1250 EUR), which is ok for the hotel but won't pay for food or travel. SandroMathys hope...if people try not to spend all their event budget, the budget can get bigger after all. We might also get a little somewhat from Fedora EMEA e.V. and there's a company in Switzerland that might sponsor us a little. If FUDCon comes in under budget, we will take some of that for FAD EMEA and MaxSpevack is doing everything he can to get FUDCon in under budget by at least $1000. SandroMathys is trying to find fun events that are free of charge but still a lot of fun - He already have one very good idea there (surprise).


SandroMathys knows a company in Switzerland, he just dropped them a line to ask for some $ and they are really thinking about how much they can spend. If you know of such a company in your region, why not ask them too? Particularly, if you have contacts to somewhere working there. FrancescoCrippa Is not sure about opportunity to save money on LinuxDay... actually they're looking for extra sponsor to reach all the 100 events in Italy.... ->

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