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Meeting Time

  • 2010-01-30 02:20 UTC
  • #fedora-meeting on + Fedora Talk Conference room (TBA)
  • This meeting will go for just under an hour, IRC will be a broadcast of main points and also a place to collect thoughts to read out to everyone at the venue.

For Help on IRC


This special APAC meeting will be held by asmartgoat

The following people will be physically there:

  • azneita
  • asmartgoat
  • kaio
  • as well as other great ambassadors!!!  :)

Many great ambassadors will be with us on either fedora talk, or IRC... Or even BOTH!

Meeting Protocol

We will be going through agenda, writing main points on IRC, maybe if everyone has a laptop we can summarize everything we say onto irc?


- We will skip this topic if there is no news from FAmSCo or a FAmSCo representative - Please place news here.

  • APAC plans

- Media, Swag and other needs. - Ambassador Wear - Other?

  • Open Floor

- Brainstorming - Any Ideas that you have in your mind?


Transcript of IRC


Audio Log

Transcript of Audio

Next Meeting