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Fedora Ambassadors List and Fedora Marketing List merging issue

The proposal

The merging was, at the beginning, proposed through this mail and after a short discussion ThomasChung asked Ambassador and Fedora Marketing's contributors to give FAmSCo some feedback. This message is followed by ChitleshGoorah's opinion and other ones.

After the February 15th Ambassadors' meeting was decided to make an official poll where people had to say their opinion about this issue. KarstenWade, the day after, said, trough Fedora Marketing List, the reason he had been voted against the proposal. After this other ambassador give their reason for their vote: ChitleshGoorah, Patrick Barnes,and RobertWhetsel.

The results of the poll were:

  • For the first question the 55,555% of the voters (36) said they were for the merging and 44,444% said they were against this one.
  • For the second question the 63,333% of the voters (30) said they were for the merging and 36,666% said they were against this one.

The official response

Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee official response:

After collecting the results of our poll on the Ambassadors and Marketing lists, FAmSCo met today and discussed the issue of whether or not to merge the two mailing lists into one.

We reviewed the results of the poll and carefully considered the arguments we heard on each side. While the poll showed that a slight majority were in favor of the merger, we covered several points that made us feel that the merger is not the right thing to do at this time. We agreed unanimously that the lists should remain separate. We hope that this decision is understood by all of you and will be happy to answer any remaining questions on the matter.

Since we will not be merging the two lists, we will be taking other measures to make the purposes of each list perfectly clear. The Marketing list will continue as a forum for strategic discussion. It will host discussions over our global marketing strategy and marketing content. The Ambassadors list will continue to host discussions of events and grass-roots efforts to spread Fedora on the ground worldwide. The differences will be documented on our websites, and we will guide members of each list in deciding how their messages should be directed.

We hope that you will all work with us as we try to guide the usage of each list to make the best possible use of these resources. Thank you all for your input.